Description of Services

We are at the top of our game with laptop Computer or phone and tablet repairs. We repair all major brands of laptop Computer or phone and tablet repairs. We also have an extensive parts portfolio at our disposal that enables us to offer an unrivalled service in consultation, repairs and after service. Our technicians are highly competent and fully trained to component level.

Wash and Wipe

A wash and wipe is a re-installation of windows. (wash the data to remove any virus or malware infections and then wipe the hard drive) We generally do this when there is some kind of defect or error with your operating system that is often caused by viruses or failed update installs. Often the best way to get your computer back to factory fresh (and fast!), reinstalling Windows is sometimes necessary to repair damage done by certain viruses.

First we would remove your HDD (Hard Disk Drive) from the laptop/PC in order to recover any data you may have on the device (this does not include programmes. We then hook the unit up to our network and install the version of windows you require. Updates are installed and your data is put back onto the PC along with a few standard programmes such as Google Chrome or Team Viewer.

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Laptop/PC Service

Remember how fast your new computer was when you first started it? Still that way now?

It is normal for computers to slow down over time, due to (often unnecessary) installed programs or utilities, browser toolbars, insufficient memory or drive space, hard drive errors. If your computer is slow, we can do a number of things to bring it back up to speed from disabling start up programs to a full install of Windows if requested. Failing to boot is another common problem and can be due to various reasons, including corrupt start up files and viruses, though occasionally the fault can be due to a part failing (hard drive, memory or CPU are the most common culprits)

Is your computer running slow, filled with malware and pop up’s? In that case you may need to service your laptop. A service entails the use off some very specific software to remove any temp, corrupt or rouge files. We also clean out your registry and optimise the laptop/ Computer for the best performance possible. All updates are properly installed and drivers updated to their latest versions. We then strip down the laptop and give the unit a ‘Blow Out’ in order to remove as much dust as possible from the unit to prevent thermal throttling and other heat associated damage.  Call for a Quote

Laptop Power Socket

When a laptop wont charge, most off you would assume the charger has blown, well I wouldn’t be so sure. Often we find that the power socket on the laptop itself is what has failed. In order to repair the power socket, we have to strip the laptop down to nothing and remove the motherboard from the system (if the socket is soldered to the board). We then remove the old one and replace it with the new one using a rework station. The laptop is then put back together and tested for a full charge before going out to the customer.  Call for a Quote


Laptop Screen

Laptop Screens are more fragile than you think and crack from the smallest off impacts.  Depending on the laptop, we can just replace the screen were as others may need a whole lid assembly. we start by identifying if the screen is LCD or LED by removing the front Bessel on the screen. The screen is unscrewed from the side and removed from the unit, revealing a serial number we use to identify the model off the screen before ordering one to the shop. Once fitted, the unit is left on test for 2-3 hours using a programme called OCCT which stresses the graphics off the unit.  Call for a Quote


Custom PC’s

If you are thinking off getting into PC Gaming or even need a computer that’s able to deal with a heavy load 24/7 then you may need to custom design it. Either over the phone or in store, one of our technicians will talk you through different price ranges off computers and suggest a build that is right for you. Starting from £350 all the way up too £3000.  Call for a Quote

We are fully experienced to repair your mobile phone – Apple. Samsung, HTC, Blackberry, Nokia, Sony, LG, Motorola, Huawei

We have invested heavily in cutting edge laboratory testing, diagnostic and repairing equipment to provide you the best chance of having your phone repaired to the highest standards (ISO 9001:2008) by qualified and dedicated technicians trained to component level. Our services include

  • Data Recovery (phone Book)
  • Liquid Damage (tea, water, coffee, beer, soft drinks)
  • Speaker / Microphone issues / faults
  • Broken / Cracked lcd digitizer screens
  • Housing chassis replacements
  • Power faults (not charging, battery life short,)
  • Software / OS issues (locking up, crashing, erratic)
  • Software updates / Upgrades
  • Data transfer
  • We do not Unlock Phones (yet)

Iphone / Samsung phone Screens

phone screens are fairly fragile. When replacing one, you start by removing the old screen from the unit. The home button and camera is re-used on the new screen so is transferred from the old one too the new one. The phone is then put back together and tested over half an hour to ensure the best quality of service.   Call for a Quote


Ipad / Samsung tablet Screen

An Ipad / Tablet screen replacement is very different to the iPhone. The screens are glued on instead of screwed in. The unit is first heated around the edges to loosen the glue so we can lever the screen off without causing more damage.

The old screen is unplugged and the edges of the iPad are then cleaned in order to remove any old adhesive and blown out with compressed air to remove any shards of glass from the broken screen before putting the new screen on. Once mounted the device is put under 2 heavy weights in order to make a seal in the screen before the adhesive hardens.   Call for a Quote


HDD replacement

When a hard drive unit starts to fail the unit will start to slow down progressively over time and become unresponsive and sometimes erratic until the data on it is unreadable at which point any data on there is lost. In order to repair the laptop and recover your data we need to act quickly before the unit fails completely, when we install the new HDD a fresh install off windows and optimise the system. If we managed to save any data, then it is put back on the device before being returned to the customer.

Mobile Charging Socket

Just the same as laptops, phone charging ports are easily damaged. Depending on the phone, the device is first taken apart in order to reach the charging port.; Some of them are their own board, at which point we would order a new one to replace the old board. Others are soldered to the board, at which point the board is removed and the charging port is removed with a soldering iron and replaced with a new one. The unit is put back together then left to charge until on full battery.

Keyboard replacement

Keyboards are different on all laptops. So they all have a unique identifier on the back of them. The keyboard is first removed from the laptop in order to access this code in order to identify the right keyboard for that model. Once the new keyboard arrives at the shop, it is fitted by one off our technicians then tested to ensure there are no dead keys.

Apple Mac / MacBook Repairs

Yes, I know it’s not normal, but Mac’s can go wrong you know! We provide a full repair service for your iMac, MacBook or Mac Mini whatever the problem. From a simple upgrade of hard disk or memory to a full blown diagnosis and system repair or full installation of the IOS. We have been working with Apple kit for many years. Indeed, there is no denying it, Apple make the very best machines on the market. You pay a premium for them, but if you are sick of computers failing on you using an apple a day will probably keep the call tech Doctor away!

Data Recovery and Backup


If you have lost important files, it is often possible to recover them using specialised software, even if a drive has been formatted, though depending on the way they were lost, some information may be missing (filenames for example).

If you have accidentally deleted files STOP USING YOUR COMPUTER, as these files may then get overwritten by the operating system and become irrecoverable.


We can also advise on and setup various backup solutions to ensure your files are as safe as possible – think about what is on your PC now and how you would feel if the hard drive were to fail and you don’t have copies elsewhere?


Home Call Out

Internet & Home Wi-Fi Network issues


For many of us, it is not possible to get into the shop and the problem is with your router setup or the configuration of your home network and this can be infuriating when you have no idea what or why this problem has occurred and how to remedy it so just think it’s now hard to imagine not having a wireless network at home, allowing laptops, smart phones, etc. to access the Internet or share files between devices there are all kinds of issue which can cause you problems with your network and some you would not think it would be this equipment but all electrical equipment from your microwave to the oscillating fan in the bedroom can cause you issues so if you have a problem with your home network we have engineers who can call at your property at a time of your convenience and put the issue right .
From troubleshooting an existing network, to adding devices to it, to making your network more secure, to a complete installation from scratch, we can help.



Small Business / Office Support

Are you a small to medium sized company looking to outsource your office and system support? On site or remote Worried about the cost? Here at Call-Tech we offer solutions to satisfy your business

The Call-Tech small business support uniquely combines the friendliness, flexibility, personal relationship and convenience of “the local one-man band” with the skills, technology and professionalism of large corporate IT operations.

Using us is like having your own dedicated IT Support department, ready to help at any time, but without the usual associated high costs.

We specialise in providing top quality IT support to small businesses, removing all the usual worries and problems with your computers – and anything that communicates with, runs on, or connects to them.

We recognise that you want your technology to “just work”, enabling you and your staff to perform your business tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible. To achieve this, we keep things simple, no blinding you with science, just common sense advice, guidance and delivery.

  • Unlimited Telephone Assistance
  • Unlimited Remote Access Support
  • Local On-site Support
  • Dedicated IT Manager
  • No Call Centres – just friendly, personal service from your local team
  • 24/7 Monitoring & Management
  • Pro-active Maintenance with Monthly site visits if required
  • Rolling Monthly Contracts with No-Tie-In Period
  • One Off Solutions and Ad Hoc Work Undertaken
  • High Quality Economical Solutions
  • Excellent Proven Track Record
  • Fully Managed Back-Up Solution


PC / Laptop Hardware Repair / Upgrades


PC’s are much more flexible (and generally cheaper) when it comes to replacing parts as they separate into their component pieces quite easily. For example, a replacement motherboard for a PC starts at around £35, but one for a laptop tends to be nearer £100 – and that’s if you can even get hold of one.


Aside from hard drives, another common physical failure is the thermal paste that helps draw heat away from the processor can break down over time, resulting in (usually laptops) running hot and, if severe, switching off abruptly.


PC’s can upgrade processors, hard drives, graphic cards, memory, power supplies, optical drives, etc.…

Laptop upgrades are generally limited to processors, memory and hard drives.

But give us a call and we can discuss your options on the equipment you wish to upgrade

Looking for a reconditioned PC or laptop. Here at Call-Tech We pride ourselves on sourcing, refurbishing and upgrading good second-hand laptops & PC’s in order to offer the discerning buyer the opportunity to purchase a quality machine at a fraction of the price of buying new.

Just contact me today, let me know the type of machine and what sort of specification you are looking for and we can take it from there. All refurbished machines come with a 4 month parts and labour guarantee

Virus and Spyware, Ransomware Removal


Every time you or a member of staff if you run a business loads a program, file, or webpage, the PC’s software registry is updated with new instructions needed to operate that item. However, when the item is removed, these instructions usually remain on the PC. The result: A significantly slower computer Spyware and viruses are software programs that are loaded on your computer without your knowledge or permission

You want to make your computer run faster You’re looking for a quick, simple, cheap or free

Does this sound familiar probably already know that the simple rule of thumb to follow is to never download programs like screensavers, emoticons, films, etc. from unknown sources. In addition, you should never open any attachments to an email unless you are 100 percent certain you know and trust the provider but it looks legitimate and it has 5 stars rating but this is just a CON

– this also applies to software sold online that purports to “Clean Up” your PC in seconds. You will see these on offer, making claims such as “literally only takes 5 minutes to work”, “Your computer will instantly be restored and you can schedule automatic system clean-ups to keep it running like new. may also go as far as to claim: “…also protect you against viruses and attack from malicious files, ensuring it runs smoothly all of the time”.