Laptop/PC Service


Remember how fast your new computer was when you first started it? Still that way now?

It is normal for computers to slow down over time, due to (often unnecessary) installed programs or utilities, browser toolbars, insufficient memory or drive space, hard drive errors. If your computer is slow, we can do a number of things to bring it back up to speed from disabling start up programs to a full install of Windows if requested. Failing to boot is another common problem and can be due to various reasons, including corrupt start up files and viruses, though occasionally the fault can be due to a part failing (hard drive, memory or CPU are the most common culprits)

Is your computer running slow, filled with malware and pop up’s? In that case you may need to service your laptop. A service entails the use off some very specific software to remove any temp, corrupt or rouge files. We also clean out your registry and optimise the laptop/ Computer for the best performance possible. All updates are properly installed and drivers updated to their latest versions. We then strip down the laptop and give the unit a ‘Blow Out’ in order to remove as much dust as possible from the unit to prevent thermal throttling and other heat associated damage