Keyboard replacement


Keyboards are different on all laptops. So they all have a unique identifier on the back of them. The keyboard is first removed from the laptop in order to access this code in order to identify the right keyboard for that model. Once the new keyboard arrives at the shop, it is fitted by one off our technicians then tested to ensure there are no dead keys.

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HDD replacement


When a hard drive unit starts to fail the unit will start to slow down progressively over time and become unresponsive and sometimes erratic until the data on it is unreadable at which point any data on there is lost. In order to repair the laptop and recover your data we need to act quickly before the unit fails completely, when we install the new HDD a fresh install off windows and optimise the system. If we managed to save...

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Laptop Screen

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Laptop Screens are more fragile than you think and crack from the smallest off impacts.  Depending on the laptop, we can just replace the screen were as others may need a whole lid assembly. we start by identifying if the screen is LCD or LED by removing the front Bessel on the screen. The screen is unscrewed from the side and removed from the unit, revealing a serial number we use to identify the model off the screen before ordering...

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Laptop Power Socket


When a laptop wont charge, most off you would assume the charger has blown, well I wouldn’t be so sure. Often we find that the power socket on the laptop itself is what has failed. In order to repair the power socket, we have to strip the laptop down to nothing and remove the motherboard from the system (if the socket is soldered to the board). We then remove the old one and replace it with the new one using...

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Laptop/PC Service


Remember how fast your new computer was when you first started it? Still that way now? It is normal for computers to slow down over time, due to (often unnecessary) installed programs or utilities, browser toolbars, insufficient memory or drive space, hard drive errors. If your computer is slow, we can do a number of things to bring it back up to speed from disabling start up programs to a full install of Windows if requested. Failing to boot is another...

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Wash and Wipe


A wash and wipe is a re-installation of windows. (wash the data to remove any virus or malware infections and then wipe the hard drive) We generally do this when there is some kind of defect or error with your operating system that is often caused by viruses or failed update installs. Often the best way to get your computer back to factory fresh (and fast!), reinstalling Windows is sometimes necessary to repair damage done by certain viruses. First we...

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